Track 8 - Advanced Sensing Technologies in the Industrial Internet of Things Era

Track Chairs

Luca Leonardi, University of Catania

Luca Leonardi

University of Catania, Italy
Inés Alvarez Vadillo, ABB Corporate Research

Inés Alvarez Vadillo

ABB Corporate Research, Sweden

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The track is focused on the use of smart sensor technologies and information processing for monitoring and analysis of industrial systems, factory automation systems, and related applications. The track is also focused on architectural principles, design techniques, and implementation models for networked embedded sensor systems along w ith methods for their evaluation and/or performance analysis. Experience reports and case studies making appropriate scientific and technical contributions in this area are also solicited.

Topics under this track include (but not limited to)

  • Novel components, devices and protocols for the (Industrial) Internet of Things.
  • Communication protocols for sensor networks deployed in industrial scenarios.
  • Low-power wireless sensor networks for the (Industrial) Internet of Things.
  • Network and system architectures for networked sensing.
  • Energy harvesting in sensor networks.
  • Security analysis and protocols.
  • Sensor data processing and data mining.
  • (Distributed) Signal processing and data analytics.
  • Sensor network modeling, simulation, measurements, and analysis.
  • Virtual prototyping systems for mass distribution of IoT sensors.
  • Network health monitoring, QoS management and dependability.
  • Sensor tasking and actuation, wireless control and automation systems.
  • Orchestration for the IoT-to-Edge-to-Cloud compute continuum.
  • Containers and microservices in IoT application architecture.
  • DevOps in IoT development and deployment.
  • Industrial sensor network applications, deployment and case studies.
  • Smart systems for production, optimization and green energy.
  • Home and building automation, smart cities.
  • Smart factories, smart grid, healthcare and precision agriculture.