SS02 - Autonomous Vehicles in Industry 5.0

Special Session Organized by

Antonello Venturino, DIMES, Università della Calabria, Italy, and Luigino Filice, DIMEG, Università della Calabria, Italy,

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This Special Session focuses on the ongoing digitalization in the industry, particularly in the realm of Industry 4.0, which encompasses advancements in Autonomous Vehicles. This transformative process enhances production and industrial automation, leading to more effective and flexible operations. However, digital solutions in manufacturing processes introduce new challenges and concerns that need to be addressed. Rather than replacing Industry 4.0, the Industry 5.0 paradigm builds upon it. The goal of this Special Session is to explore innovative approaches and experiments for the utilization of Autonomous Vehicles in Industry 5.0, which embrace sustainability and a human-centric perspective.

Topics under this session include (but not limited to)

  • Autonomous Vehicles in industrial mobility
  • Map Building and Localization, SLAM
  • Machine Learning for Mobile Robotics
  • Digital Wellbeing induced by autonomous robotics
  • Autonomous Vehicles for a more Sustainable Manufacturing