SS11 - Automated Testing and Simulation of Converged Automation Networks

Special Session Organized by

Dirk Schulz, ABB AG Corporate Research Center, Germany, and Amin Shahraki, ABB AG Corporate Research Center, Germany,

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Distributed control systems (DCS) are responsible for the safe and uninterrupted automation of large-scale industrial production systems, and automation functions undergo rigorous testing before process start-up. Automation networks are an integral part of the mission-critical infrastructure of such DCSes. With the network convergence of IT, automation, and telecom applications, the complexity of providing QoS and cybersecurity for these applications is increasing, and similarly thorough testing as for automation is desirable. The area of automated and virtual/hybrid network testing in this context is a little worked field to which we would like to focus the attention of the scientific community.

Topics under this session include (but not limited to)

  • Automated generation of network test cases for automation systems
  • Automated execution of network test cases, i.e. generation, injection, capture, and analysis of traffic corresponding to the test cases
  • VNFs for usage in network emulation for testing purposes
  • Automated setup of virtual or hybrid network emulation and/or simulation environments
  • Achievable coverage and fidelity of such testing approaches