WS02 - 1st Workshop on Advanced RF sensing tools in industrial automation: robust, sustainable and ethical designs

Workshop Organized by

Stefano Savazzi, CNR, Italy and Alessio Prini, CNR STIIMA, Italy and Daniele Piazza, Adant, Italy and Stephan Sigg, Aalto University, Finland


Next generation industry, driven by emerging information technologies, will rely on advanced sensing tools as well as networked machines with increasing levels of intelligence and autonomy. Radio-frequency (RF) sensing is an emerging paradigm that transforms existing industrial wireless networks by adding sensing modalities to improve the perception of workers, monitor the specific industrial workflow, and the surrounding workspace. For example, through holographic and radar-based techniques radio signals are recorded in a phase-sensitive manner and visualized in 2D/3D to reconstruct or map the surrounding environment. New research opportunities will target the integration of RF sensing with distributed learning tool, and robust machine-level decision operations. Distributed Learning (DL) techniques, namely decentralized training (DT), federated or split learning (FL), are becoming crucial to enable challenging tasks in several workspace environments, improving production, safety, trustworthiness, privacy and data-ownership protection. However, potential misuse or possible function creeping which challenges ethical and moral boundaries should be considered. The workshop aims to put together original research papers on advanced algorithms for sensing and distributed learning in industrial environments.

Topics under this workshop include (but not limited to)

  • Radio-based vision, radar and holographic methods, image processing
  • Human-robot advanced interfaces, free-space user interfaces
  • Electromagnetics (EM), physics-driven body models in high frequency bands
  • Smart reconfigurable antenna, beamforming and beam steering for radio sensing
  • Sustainable, privacy and ethically compliant RF sensing based on DL/FL tools
  • Data fusion and multi-domain techniques to improve the robustness of RF sensing
  • Distributed AI tools for computationally feasible sensing and monitoring of industrial sites
  • Applications in workplaces, smart-living Industry 5.0, location-based services
  • Public awareness and social interaction studies, privacy threats and ethical designs

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