Conference venue

ETFA will be hosted by the Beato Pellegrino Complex, in Padova

Inaugurated in 2019, the new Beato Pellegrino Complex once housed a geriatric hospital and now sits as a modern facility encompassing over 23,000 square metres of educational excellence. Architect Paolo Portoghesi oversaw renovations of the complex’s vast 4,500 square metered library holding 300 seats, 2,300 square meters of classrooms holding 1,500 sits, and offices for about 400 workstations.

Aimed as a project dedicated to sustainability, the complex offers open spaces for the social interaction between students and scholars of the Humanistic Centre.

The complex is the first gas-free building of the University of Padova and was awarded recognition by the Italian Energy Services Manager (GSE S.p.A.) and the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance. The complex uses thermal-acoustic insulation, solar panel shading and renewable energy through pumps and heat recovery units.

Rather than fossil fuels, geothermal probes and photovoltaic panels merge for the use of electricity, resulting in a reduction of emissions equal to 42 tons of CO2 in the air per year.

The Beato Pellegrino Complex is located in Padova Downtown, close to the railway station and the historical city center and can be easily reached by foot from most of the accomodation options at the city.